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Meet Lisa Hamel

Personal Assistant/Organizer in Cocoa, Florida

“Ideas, Energy, Action!”


As a Personal Assistant/Organizer in Cocoa, Florida, Lisa cares how your time is best spent; to help free you up for things you love.

Lisa Hamel, founder of Consider It Done & Signature Photography, wants to share the love of Photography and organizing throughout Brevard County and beyond! She wants to help people de-clutter their lives, while giving them back their time.

Lisa is hands-on when shooting, advising, consulting and coaching. She helps clients tailor and maintain a system for what best suits their needs. She is patient and inspiring while being firmly committed to her clients’ goals.

When Lisa is not working, she is helping adults to combat the problems of illiteracy: helping with The Children's Hunger Project, traveling, gardening, and giving back to the community while enjoying all Brevard offers.

Lisa is available for traveling options as well!

Experience working with specifically tailored needs and objectives of each client she works with.

Completing every project as if it is her only project is a priority, and sharing in your satisfaction is her goal.

For more than 21 years, businesses and residents have relied upon Lisa to handle event photography.

I can turn a cartwheel; and have the energy & enthusiasm to share. There are no jobs too small or large. Let's use my positivity for your happiness!

Loves: Organizing and seeing results, Crossing off To-do-lists, Enjoying good health and family. I PLAN EVENTS TOO!




Adrianne Hakes

This is a letter of recommendation for Lisa Hamel who I have known for over fifteen years. We met when we both worked for the newspaper, North County Times in Oceanside. Lisa was one of the top advertising representatives on staff.

She impressed me then with her organizational skills, high energy, persistence and “can do up beat” attitude. These same skills enabled her to build a successful photography business and more recently the Oceanside sunset market. Lisa was hired by the main street organization to implement, organized and manage the new sunset market in downtown Oceanside.

Lisa recruited the vendors, musicians and the volunteers who worked the market. The market required an amazing amount of energy, organizational skills and persistence. it was a delight to watch Lisa in action. Lisa built a successful community market in tough economic times. It is my pleasure to recommend Lisa Hamel for what ever job for which she feels qualified.

Please feel free to call me at 760-722-2799 or email me at for more information.” 

L. Gross
Marketing Consultant

Lisa is highly focused and self-directed. She never promises what she can’t deliver. If she can organize you the way she organizes herself for a three-week vacation in a backpack and wheel-aboard, you will be thrilled with her work.

Dr. Nancy J. Lerner

Lisa Hamel is the perfect planner.  She carries out what she has planned to perfection without missing a beat.  Major bonus is all the joy and love that fills her heart in every endeavor.

Connie McGaughy
Community Manager,

Mission Trails Dentistry

Lisa Hamel is the epitome of a  “Go-getter”. Smart, creative, and resourceful, she knows how to get things done…quickly, and efficiently. Her tireless enthusiasm, positive energy, can-do attitude, and superb customer service skills make her a pleasure to work with.

Barbara Ferguson

Lisa has been a great help over the years!  From helping me pack when moving, when I was overwhelmed and not sure where to start and she just came in and did it, efficiently and fast!  To helping in the garden, pulling out plants I didn’t want to planting new ones, again efficiently, effectively and you made it fun and informative…your experience in the garden was priceless!

I also appreciated her advice and help in getting organized as I start my new business.  Lisa is such a delight to work with and I’ve enjoyed getting to know her even better!  Lisa has a knack for getting to the heart of what is needed and getting it done expeditiously!  I look forward to working with Lisa again soon! Such a great personal assistant in San Diego.

Maggie Pound
Community Liaison

Lisa Hamel is a very inspiring person, a creative photographer and very good at follow through.  We co-founded and co-facilitate a business-networking group. We have experienced continual growth and received rave reviews for the benefits of being part of this community.   She has been a delight to work with and someone I know I can always count on to show up, participate fully and have everything we need to get the job done efficiently.  She comes with my highest recommendation.

Z. Hershmnn

Lisa is very energetic with a positive attitude. She is efficiently, timely, and organized. I hired Lisa to take photos of me and my office. Love them! They were great and I received all the photos so I could use them as I please. I highly recommend Lisa for anything she says she can do. She is very skilled and honest about her abilities.

Barbara Totaro

I met Lisa 27 years ago when we were roommates for a year & have stayed connected since. I consider her to be a good friend, kind, considerate, outgoing & fun! She is very capable, personable, reliable, punctual, trustworthy, hard working & conscientious as well as a problem solver with attention to detail.

Lisa has worn many hats over the years, & can be counted on to do her best with efficiency & enthusiasm! I admire her work ethic & dedication to the task at hand.

If you’re looking for someone who gives their heart & soul to a project, you can expect that from Lisa!

Coley McAvoy

If you have a few additional tasks or chores on your plate, you might be able to benefit from some quality assistance.  I would like to recommend, “Consider It Done”.  Your personal assistant in San Diego.  Provided by Ms. Lisa Hamel.  Ms. Hamel is smart and energetic.  She approaches a challenge with enthusiasm.  Finding positive solutions, and getting that task off your “to – do” list.

Malka Kutner
Owner, Virtual Views

I have witnessed Lisa Hamel in action – from creating businesses from scratch, managing events, coordinating staff, volunteers and regular people – she is the ultimate organizer, ‘get-it-done the right way’ kinda gal to have on your team.

We were business partners, and I was always impressed by her impeccable timeliness and her uncanny ability to think ‘outside the box’.

Lisa is the consummate professional that has integrity and clear purpose of serving the needs of whoever needs a ‘right hand’.

Susan Eger

I've known Lisa for 4 years and would heartily recommend her as a house-sitter. The first word I think of when describing Lisa is "integrity". She is a woman of her word; she is trust-worthy, hard working and reliable. I find her to be a very conscientious individual and I have much respect for her.
Lisa began working for me in my home in 2019. I have been quite pleased with her. I do trust her to take care of my home (and my pets) anytime and for any length of time. She is respectful of my property and is careful in handling my belongings. She ALWAYS shows up on time for our appointments and puts all of her attention into the task at hand.

Lisa makes herself available for contact and is a prompt responder to calls or texts. When I am away, I have full confidence that an intelligent, responsible, resourceful and mature person is taking care of things at home.
I have had numerous experiences over the years with house sitters who turned out to be incompetent, dishonest, neglectful and/or reckless in my home.

With Lisa I have enjoyed the luxury of being at PEACE while traveling, knowing that someone with good sense, good values and good judgement will be handling whatever may arise while I am away.

Yes, Lisa deserves a rating of 100% and I'm happy to give it.
Please feel free to contact me should you have any questions or concerns.

Letter of Recommendation

Lisa Hamel Letter of recommendation
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